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Homeowners Insurance


As an Independent Agent, we represent more than a dozen different insurance companies writing homeowners insurance.  This gives us the flexibility to provide you an excellent choice, regardless of your situation.  We can help with:


Homes from $20,000 to $1,000,000 or more.


National companies, with among the best rates and most comprehensive coverages anywhere, for homes over $100,000 in good condition, with excellent loss and credit histories.


Smaller regional companies with specialty niches, for homes such as:


New homes.


Older homes.


Homes in poor condition.


Homes in excellent condition.


Rural areas.


Hard-to-find policies for home owners who have been cancelled or refused due to prior claims, credit problems, or other reasons.


Mobile Homes and Rental Property (click for specific information).


Payment plans available on all policies.


 Policy Service and Claims        


If you have questions about your policy or need to make changes, contact us directly and we'll be glad to help.  You can call us at 256-8983, or click here for more specific contact information, including hours, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.


If you need to file a claim, or ask about a potential claim, call us.  For more information on claims, including how they may affect your future insurance, click here.


 Research Homeowners Insurance       


For news & information on homeowners insurance, and a free program to inventory your personal property, click on SC Insurance News Service.


 Want a quote on a new policy?        


You may contact us and ask for Nikki or Susan for personal help, or complete the following on-line application.  We will provide you the best quote from more than a dozen companies we represent.


Your name 

Day phone 



Name & Address

Name(s) of home owner(s)

If married, please list both parties

Property Address              

City                                      ZIP  


Reason for Purchase of Insurance

Upcoming Purchase    Purchase Price    Projected Closing Date

Replace Current policy     Company   Expiration Date

Replace Cancelled Policy     Company   Days since cancelled 

Reason prior policy was cancelled or non-renewed (if applicable):

What does your prior insurance have to do with anything?


About Your Home

Please provide as much information as possible.  Incomplete information may result in a change in the quote or policy when insurance is written.

Estimated or appraised value of home, including land

Square Feet    Number of Stories    Number of bathrooms 

Year Built   Exterior wall material  (brick, vinyl, wood, etc.) 

Distance in feet from fire hydrant 

Distance in miles from fire station   Name of fire station

What years were the following systems last upgraded or replaced?

Roof   Heating Unit    Electrical System    Plumbing 

Type of Foundation: 

If you own any dogs or exotic pets, please list breeds or species:

Please check any of the following that apply

Central Gas heat

Central Electric heat

Other heat  (describe) 

Central Air conditioning

1-Car Garage

2-Car Garage

1-Car Carport

2-Car Carport


Wood-burning Stove

Swimming Pool


Smoke Detectors

Deadbolt locks on all exterior doors

Fire Extinguisher

Monitored Burglar Alarm

No Smokers in household

Do you have a mortgagee, and if so, how will premium be paid:

Personal Information

In general, how is your credit? 

Have you:  filed for bankruptcy?    Had a repossession? 

Please provide the following information for all owners:

Date of Birth                         

Social Security Number         

At this time this is NOT a secure form.  If you are not comfortable sending your social security number by e-mail, please leave blank and check the following:

I prefer to call Sauls Insurance at 256-8983 and give my social security number by phone, so this quote request can be processed.

By submission of this request, I authorize Sauls Insurance Agency to obtain credit scores to provide me with the best possible quote.

Click this icon for an explanation as to why this information is needed.


What claims have you had in the past 5 years?  Please list approximate dates, descriptions, and amounts paid.

Do you own any large amounts of jewelry, silver, guns, or anything unusual?

Any additional information?

Click "Submit" for a quote, or "Reset" to start over.