If you haven't played before, this is a quite different disc golf experience. 

Players are entered in a tournament bracket (e.g.; NCAA basketball event of a similar name), and play one-on-one, match play rounds, with the winner advancing and the loser eliminated. The first round is 18 holes and each round thereafter 10----and in match play, a 10-hole round is pressure from the very first throw. You'll never hear anyone wishing good luck on an opponent's throw under these circumstances.

Anyone still standing after 2 rounds has cashed. For all those eliminated---and by this point, it's 75% of the field---they are automatically entered into a random doubles event (with no additional charge)---kind of an "NIT" round as a second chance to win money. The random doubles ends prior to the championship round, so everyone can form a gallery for the finals. And Earlewood is a great "spectator" course.

In fact, the excitement begins even before the first round. The bracket pairings are randomly drawn, so there's considerable interest in seeing two top players draw each other in the opening round, or two good friends (soon to be not such good friends), or, as we've seen in recent years, blood relatives (which can really get bloody). You can look ahead to see what may be awaiting if you win your round....and it's always interesting to reconvene after rounds as reports of upsets come in.

Earlewood is a great short course, and well suited for the constant gathering and dispersal involved in such a tournament. Everyone's guaranteed a minimum of 36 holes (at the very least, the first round plus random doubles), and the champion will have played up to 58 holes in a single day, with each throw under considerable pressure. Hence the slogan, "DO YOU HAVE THE NERVES OF A CHAMPION?".

For those who couldn't get in the Earlewood Classic, or couldn't make it or couldn't play a 2-day event, this is a second chance to play Earlewood. Ditto for those who did get in the Earlewood Classic, couldn't believe their score on a seemingly easy course, and want another crack at it.


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 2009 Results


For the first time in 7 years, the weather turned on us in 2009.  Although the forecast severe thunderstorms never appeared, we endured a soaking rain through round 2, a lighter rain in the finals, and temperatures some 15 degrees below predictions.


Josh Childs defeated Chris Sauls, Darrell Lambrecht, Clester Hornsby, and Blaine Kinkel to regain the Pro Title he won in 2007.


Chad Knight defeated Kevin Keckeisen, Andre Cromer, Connor Thompson, Scott Wallace, & Rick Stepp to win Ams.  (Chad would like to thank the no-shows in the Am division for making room for him to move from Pro to Am).


The Am division filled once again.  Pro attendance was down, but at 16 it made it possible to play out without byes, simply stretching the 3rd round from 9 holes to 18.   And, despite the weather, we were grateful to have an gallery of 29 watching the finals, which looked even larger with all the umbrellas.