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Chris and David Sauls invite our disc golf friends to our private disc golf course in the beautiful South Carolina piedmont, near Newberry & Prosperity, SC.  Tremendous hills, creeks, a pond, and a great variety of disc golf holes await you.



PLEASE CALL BEFORE VISITING!  You can reach us at:

David at home at (803) 364-3999  (best for nights & weekends)

David or Chris at work at (803) 256-8983

David's cell (803) 917-8316

Chris's cell  (803) 917-8318

or by e-mail (see bottom of this page) (weekdays only)


Free to play but RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!    Tee signs are up but, other than regulars, we will need to show you around the course a couple of times before you play on your own.   Generally available only on weekends and some late afternoons, except by special arrangement.

Best suggestion is to contact one of us during the week, when we're easiest found, to schedule for the weekend.

Stoney Hill Challenge


Starting in 2016, we will no longer run The Stoney Hill Challenge.

Stoney Hill Challenge






Chris "Mess" Bash 

December 30, 2017 (subject to change)   CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Course Description

One of the more challenging courses in South Carolina, geared toward Pro & Advanced players, with a wide variety of open, tight, elevation, and O.B.   SSA (1000-rated round) is around 59 on the diamond layout.

(We do not recommend this course to beginners, or those who can't throw a minimum of 220 feet with some degree of accuracy, as you may lose discs or otherwise find it frustrating.  Though you're still welcome to try.)

We've striven for maximum variety---long open shots, tight wooded shots; up, down, & level; balanced RH & LH, with danger on almost every hole, and no two holes alike.

We currently have three overlapping layouts.  They are:

DIAMOND---18 holes, over 7000', par 62.  Includes two holes over 700', with plenty of O.B. to deal with.

QUARTZ---24 holes, over 8000', par 78.  A hybrid of the other two, and the best way to see the course.

GARNET--- 18 holes, about 6000'.  The Quartz layout, skipping holes 4-9.

Descriptions are from righthanded player, throwing backhanded.  Distances are deceiving, as most holes have large elevation changes. 

Click here to print course map.

These descriptions last updated December 04, 2017.


* You can also see photos from the 2009 Stoney Hill Challenge here.


1 Tee View Let it fly! Hole 1C/1D Drive Approach from halfway down fairway Approach from landing area to green
 Diamond Basket - note O.B. creek behind Reverse View, looking back toward open area Reverse View, looking back out to fairway Reverse View - beware of O.B. creek Looking back at #1 hill - tee at top, drive to bottom

Air it out!  Drive off a huge hill through power line fairway, landing (hopefully) 400-500' away (bottom of hill is 400'; deep creek starts at about 550').  Then, dogleg through gap into woods to basket, with creek running behind it, 580' total. 

1 Hole 1A - drive must land in "island" Hole 1A Tee Shot Hole 1A "Island" Green Travis Sauls driving Hole 1A Reverse view - loooking back up at tee

Start the Quartz layout with an open but delicate shot, off a hilltop, 280' to island green. 

1 Threading the second shot Second shot (if you're lucky)
Garnet/Quartz        Putting, with pond in background

Drive up to landing zone at top of hill, then down a tunnel to basket.  Only 420', but lots of trouble along the way.


Same drive as Hole 1, off big hill, but basket on opposite side of fairway, tucked 100' down a tunnel with creek running behind, 676' total. 

1 Drive under arch, down tight gap, then right & uphill Drive through that high gap and turn right Looking back towards tee Approach Shot approach shot
Diamond/Garnet/Quartz     Reverse View of Basket Reverse View

285' shot, through an arch and then anhyzer up to a significant hill to an open green, lined with small trees. 

1 Stephen Simon driving Hole 3 Approach shot Approach shot Long approach shot
Diamond/Garnet/Quartz     Reverse View of Basket Ernest Vera putting (seen from across creek)

325' downhill, with anhyzer to right at end, with creek behind green to grab any shots that don't hold their turns.   There is also a risky but fun hyzer option, with thick rough if you miss. 

1 Thread tunnel, then fade right---avoiding creek Approaching Basket, creek on right Basket
Diamond/Quartz Basket & Creek Reverse View Bad lie (across creek)

242' tight wooded shot.  Tee off down tunnel, over 3 bends in creek.  At about 200', fairway bends right for last 50', with basket sitting inside bend in creek.  Lots of trees, lots of O.B. to kick off them into, but at least it's level (rare on this course). 

1 Looking back down at tee from first corner View from landing area toward basket
Diamond/Quartz View from Landing Area towards basket Long approach shot Reverse View from basket Reverse view of basket & fairway Looking back from next tee

 500', uphill, tough par-4.  Drive straight up 160', dogleg left, another 300' down well-defined fairway, and through gap in trees, into open area, with basket on an open hilltop exposed to the ever-present winds.

1 Double-Dogleg Hole from first landing area, peeking through both doglegs From 1st Landing Area, looking through doglegs to basket A look through both doglegs
Diamond/Quartz   2nd & 3rd doglegs Final segment to basket Reverse View from basket Reverse View from Basket

Tightly defined, winding,  629' par-4.  Slight uphill drive through archway and narrow fairway to wider landing area 250-300' away; dogleg right, and level, another 250', then dogleg left, slightly uphill, another 150' or so. 

1 Tee View Tee View - Straight through gap, then fade left Downhill approach through trees Green
Diamond/Quartz       Reverse View from basket
281', tight downhill shot among tall trees.  Straight through a gap, fades left at end. 
1 Looking back to tee Green, seen from distance Approaching green Reverse View from Basket

295', slightly uphill.  Tee off raised teepad, through a fairway defined by a few large trees, then out over a open hillside with basket located on a cut lawn.  Takes long straight drive with left fade at end; hill falls to right so, if you flip it, no telling how far down you'll sail.

1 Tee View, with stakes marking O.B. on left From midway down fairway; O.B. is to left Putting down at basket Putting from below on overthrow
Diamond/Quartz Reverse View from bottom of hill From bottom of hill - note stakes marking O.B. As seen from Hole 1 - Tee in upper left Reverse View Group putting, seen from above

316' steep downhill shot to basket, with an ever steeper dropoff behind basket.  O.B. line runs down hill and left of basket.

1 From tee, looking up at gap to basket Looking back out gap, towards tee approach In gap, pucker-putt at basket
Diamond/Quartz Dangerous putt Daring downhill putt Basket Reverse View of Basket

A very tough 236', driving up steep hill across 170' of  open space, to hit a tight window in a line of woods.  If you hit it well, you'll continue about 50' up a tunnel, then fall left to a basket sitting on a steep slope, with a long drop behind it and trees guarding both sides.

308' shot out of a tunnel in the woods, across an open area and treacherously-placed creek, to a guarded pin placement. (Sorry, no photos yet).
1 Tee View Mid-fairway view Basket on top of cliff
Diamond/Garnet/Quartz Basket as seen from above (15 green in background) Reverse View, looking back at tee Reverse view from basket to tee Reverse view, looking back at tee Looking up at basket from creek
167', tight wooded fairway, teeing from next to creek and angling up a steep slope through large hardwoods, including passing (hopefully) a 13-'circumference beech tree.  Basket sits about 30' above creek with a steep drop---almost a cliff---on left.  Very cool. 
1 Green from above (Drop Zone view) Green, showing OB road & creek Reverse View, looking back towards tee
Diamond/Garnet/Quartz         Reverse View

Straight down shot, 281'---a dive-bomb ace-run!---with the basket in a little patch of woods, with an O.B. creek in front of the green and O.B. road looping around to form a virtual island green. 

1 Tee View Mel Shuman drive Looking back at tee Approach Shot
Diamond/Garnet/Quartz     Long putt across water Reverse View from basket

Level, slight anhyzer drive down fairway with towering pines on right and dangerous hillside on left.  (After all the hills, you'll appreciate the level fairway).  At end, fairway doglegs right to hanging basket located just across perilously-close O.B. creek, guarded by creek if you're short, O.B. fence if you're long left, and, if you're long right, two huge trees to putt around with creek now behind the basket.  About 325' total, with danger all about.  

1 Drive under arch, then hard left (or straight, on 14-Diamond) Drive uphill, through arch, then hard left Basket, will hill dropping beyond
        Basket, from below

Tee off uphill and under archway, then hard hyzer left to basket on top edge of hill.  Only 223', but you end up with a lot of pucker-putts from above the basket.

1 Jeff Moore drives Hole 14B Group in landing zone from Landing Zone, looking straight now narrow peninsula
Garnet/Quartz Green with OB on 3 sides Basket with creeks beyond From behind basket, witih group at landing area

476' total.  Tee off from hill over open area to landing zone 300-350' away, then up tight peninsula with OB on either side to basket with OB beyond. 

1 Landing Zone; 14A basket to left; 14D off in distance.        

In the Diamond layout, combine 14A & 14B into one epic, 714' par-5.  Drive under archway and land a little beyond 14A basket, then LONG second shot.

1 Fairway view Looking back down fairway towards tee
Diamond/Garnet/Quartz   Green Reverse View from Basket Green, as seen from far beyond

235' "birdie" hole drives uphill, bends right, then downhill to basket, set with a drop-off directly behind it.  A respite in a touch finishing stretch.

1 Reverse View

295' Ace-run hole, tee tucked into woods on one hillside, across valley to open basket. 

1 Baset, Barn, & Reflections Green, as seen from tee
Garnet/Quartz         Jeff Corum putting

 295' throw off the dam, across the pond, onto an "island" hole on one shore, with a huge dead tree guarding the lefty hyzer.  Rather intimidating.  You must carry 250' of O.B. on a straight line to the basket; somewhat less if you bail out to the right.   O.B. water to the left, O.B. road to the right, go to still-long Intermediate Tee for drop zone.

1 Standing on tee, looking WAY down pond at basket Quartz basket in foregrand, Diamond basket in distance Landing Zone (basket in distance) That's the green, way across the water.
Diamond Green, as seen from landing area Group at landing area, pondering second shot across water Reverse View from Basket

 In the Diamond layout, the 16Q green becomes a landing area.  Then drive back across pond another 300' or so to basket.  608' total.

1 Long view showing dogleg up hill Reverse view from basket  

Drive back over pond, 200' to clear, 300' to sweet spot, turning right (but too much!).  From there, up a defined fairway with 2 interfering trees.  465' total.

1 Tee View Basket from halfway down fairway
Garnet/Quartz   Basket, with pond below

272' shot along top edge of hill to basket sitting at top of big open slope.  Shots that drift or hyzer left may go way down the hill....or, if errant enough, into pond.  Mando (must go left of cedar tree) makes it tricky; wind makes it trickier).


Thread it up the middle, or risk the pond around the left, but land careful as it drops off behind the basket (same basket as hole 17D on the Diamond layout).  262', and plays much shorter.

1 Dramatic view from tee



Drive over trees to cut corner

Looking down on basket from top of hill Dangerous approach shot
Diamond Basket, with drop-off behind Reverse View (tee is up that chute in distance) Danny Marks putting from below on a misty morn

Reverses 17B, tee off from high on hill, over 17B basket and down shore of pond.  Cut corner of pond to reach green; basket is on back edge of dam, with steep drop behind.  726' total.

1 Tee shot - down road and into open Landing Zone - now choose your gap Approach through left gap Approach shot over (O.B.) Quarry


Approach shot over (O.B.) Quarry Approach from across (OB) Quarry Scary putt
  Looking up at basket Reverse View from Basket Reverse View, fairway in distance Silhouette

A great finishing hole, calling for a level drive down a well-defined fairway for first 200', through a gap, into an open landing area 180' long  (but hill falls to left; too much hyzer and you could sail down hill).  From the landing area, you must choose from 3 windows (straight, hyzer, or anhyzer), then  cross a deep quarry (O.B.) to basket location on other side, perched atop a large, steep mound on the edge of O.B.  Total length 572' on the Diamond layout, 492' on the Quartz layout, through the tight straight gap, longer if you go around.  


Temp basket and Barn Shot through barn Barn Shot basket Barn Shot basket Barn Shot basket


Hole 12 basket - Uphill Configuration Hole 12 Basket - Uphill Configuration Temp Basket - crossing OB fence of #14 Former #14 basket Former #14 basket


Quarry (under consideration) Old #16 - "Little Brooksville" Old #17 Green Old #17 Tee - straight up! Hole 13 basket---original location
  Peninsula hole - when you had to clear the debris piles Hole 11, as we first saw it Hole 12 fairway - as we first found it Hole 3 Basket - when first placed Abandoned pin placement, seen from tee (long!)
  Drive out of woods, then left Green      
Some holes were part of the course but are no longer with us....some of which were just temporary, filling in as we built.  Here's a few memories.


October 2004 We purchased the property that would become Stoney Hill.
February 2007 18th hole completed.  (They weren't built in order, and the hole that helped us reach a "full 18" no longer exists.
April 2009 Pond Built.
April 2010 Hired bulldozer to reach archway (14A/D), 16 Diamond Green, and 2nd segement of 17A.  Created two overlapping layouts.
April 2013 Created 1A, 1B, 1C (green), 17C.  Now with 3 layouts, including 24-hole Quartz.



Plans to create more new holes and have two overlapping 18 hole layouts, of different challenge levels, with only a couple of shared holes.  When?  Depends on what volunteer labor we get!




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