The Battle of Stoney Hill

                    November 1-2, 2014   

Thanks to everyone who showed up.  Which was almost everyone we imagined.  We had 48 registered but, with the most miserable weather imaginable, figured that perhaps 20 would actually come.   So we weren't over our astonishment at the snow when we were repeatedly astonished at people coming in to register.


With your attendance, and some generous donations, we raised over $1,000 for The Children's Heart Foundation. 


Despite the conditions we doubled the number of teams from last year.  As far as I know things went pretty smoothly---the TDs are always sweating some big unforeseen error---and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  With luck, we'll bring in a few more teams in 2015.


The 2015 Battle is scheduled for October 24-25, 2015.  More info to come.  For more details about the Stoney Hill Course, click here.


In the meantime, you can scroll down to see the final standings.


Why were we raising money for the The Children's Heart Foundation?  Ask our spokesman:

Hi, my name is Drake Sauls (PDGA #34432).  I'm almost 7 years old.  I have 3 sisters, 2 dogs, and a mended heart.  When I was born, I was in big trouble.  The doctors told my Mom and Dad that if my heart condition wasn't corrected, I wouldn't see my first birthday.  They said I had "Transposition of the Great Arteries", but that it was fixable.  "Fixable, like putting the rubber tire back on my monster truck?" I asked.  "Exactly," they responded.


They said I was going to stay in the P.C.I.C.U. clinic at MUSC for a while until I healed.  It's an area designated for babies born with heart conditions ("blue babies").  My mind bounced around like a butterfly in a tornado.  How in the world are they going to operate on me?  I only weigh six pounds!  How do they know what they're doing?  Who paid for the research?  Who's paying for all this fancy equipment?  Why do they want to save my life? 


How could I know there were organizations like The Children's Heart Foundation, raising money for research to save children like me.


Apparently someone you know, someone you met, or possibly even you yourself, made a donation to such an organization at some point in time.  The money helped research, study, diagnose, correct, and educate America against its #1 killer, heart disease.  Without it, I wouldn't be here today, growing up on a disc golf course.  So I've decided that now it's my turn to help.  With my Dad and Uncle, I'm raising money for the The Children's Heart Foundation that someday will be used to save a life.  I'm having a 2-day Team Play disc golf tournament on November 1-2, with the hope to raise over $1,000.  Our idea is that part of each entry will go to the charity, so if we get enough players, we'll make it.  So please help us fill and reach our goal.  If you can't make it, please consider a small donation to the CHF in my honor, either through the tournament or by visiting their website at




Drake Sauls

Stoney Hill Disc Golf Course


After all that, how could we refuse? 





  Points won in        
  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Total Points
I'm With Stupid 36 24 36 33 129
Chris Provo, Justin Keilty, Duane Dowd, Shea Van De Carr          
Bix Sexy's Soldiers 43 24 24 33 124
Mike Martinez, Paul Martinez, Travis Sauls, Corey Cramer          
The Angry Birdies 34 24 36 24 118
Mitch Bedingfield, Gary Canter, Brandon Bedingfield, Randy Lockhart          
Jayson and the Rippers 12 24 48 6 90
Jason Lantagne Sr., Jason Lantagne Jr., Deven Kauppi, Zachary Richards          
Simon Says Bang Chains 27 24 12 18 81
Josh Day, John Courtney, Tommy Patterson, Stephen Simon          
Cunninghams Plus One 38 0 12 27 77
Jon Cunningham, David Cunningham, Jim Cunningham, heath Miller          
The Strangers 28 0 24 24 76
Alan Beaver, Graham White, Victor Martins, David Sauls          
Masters of Our Domain 25 0 24 15 64
Chris Sauls, Jay Sauls, Danny Marks, Kelly Melton          
Discusting Dudes 10 12 18 12 52
Alex Kirby, Matt Kramer, Yiannis Kokolis, Jeff Corum          
The Misfits 11 0 36 3 50
Scott Peerbolte, Kyle Neff, Tom Moore, Scott Sittler          
Carpe Discum 20 12 0 9 41
Coleman Thompson, Vanessa Chambers, Gregory Thompson, David Heywood          
The Soda City Sandbaggers 1 0 18 0 19
Ron Cunningham, Peter Miko, Chris Harrison, Allen Clement